I took advantage of the last days of to make a book of my LJ to date. Since I donated, I could put everything in it, comments images blah. My LJ to date is 184.8 megabytes of PDF. Holy cow.

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      1. letter from Fabrice
        Dear Donor,
        I inform you that the LJBook service will end 10th October 2004.
        Mid-June, I stopped accepting donations, because I wanted to turn
        LJBook into a completly free service (without donors special services,
        all features for everyone). I took this decision because LiveJournal & told me they would provide resources (server + bandwidth) for
        After more than 3 months, I have managed to provide a working LJBook
        engine to these 2 entities which can create PDFs from blogs, but nothing
        has come, and I don’t know if something will happen or not one day or
        I will perhaps find another way to host LJBook temporarly, but nothing
        is sure. That’s why I invit you to generate a PDF now. (LJ & LuLu aren’t
        forced to provide a service like LJbook…)
        I would like to thank every donor for helping me to provide LJBook and
        for the great support I got. According to the feedback I received, many
        people were happy with their PDF so the aim is achieved! šŸ™‚
        Best regards,
        PS: Currently more than 160 users/day are using LJBook (many people
        posted in their journal that the service will be closed) so be patient.

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