beware of cheap grace

Change is what happens when we’re doing other things. Beating eggs, reading street signs, peeing, sleeping, suing each other, renewing library books. Meanwhile the pancreas is slowly failing, the childhood trauma is slowly healing, the earth is slowly cooling. The big epiphanies that we log and revisit and obsess upon are mostly fakes and mirages. The real thing is imperceptibly slow.

Look at the oil tanker out in the ocean. Still as a rock, but look out again an hour later and it’s across the horizon. A million useless seagull screeches and clanging bells later that ship will be in Dubai.

A hundred hundreds of times in my life I thought I’d broken through to some victory, or thought I’d been destroyed. Never true. Whatever frees me or kills me is tectonic in its pace.

5 thoughts on “beware of cheap grace

  1. this is amazing. I love it when you write . love it.
    I used to do this thing when I was a teenager where I would take a boy I liked to the beach cliff at Goldenwest street and look out at the oil tanker that parks there. At some point I would say “hey, do you think I could swim to that”? and if they said “no”I knew they weren’t for me.. My Dad used to take me there and one daywhen I was 5 or so I asked him “could I swim to that”? and he said “I think you could do anything you set your mind to”.

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