Courtesy zebulon_y we have possibly the worst dating service concept yet. I thought the “regular” services were basically neurosis farms, but this is going to be Distilled Essence of Trouble.

Ideally they’d use some type of patented DSM-IV/Dewey Decimal sorting algorithm to match people but of course, just like the rest of life, the ill-fitting people are going to meet each other.

I’ve known several crazy couples that worked fine, because they were understanding of each others’ crazy and aware of their own. I think the outcome of this service will be different.

Also, let’s now light a candle and think good thoughts about whomever does customer service there. For now, I’ll be posting my ad:

SWM, 39 seeks SWF 25-45. I’m depressive and messy with intimacy issues. You’re cold, withdrawn, and harshly critical. Let’s make beautiful music together! No fatties, coke whores, or dissociative psychotics. I enjoy pets, travel, and weeks-long spirals of self-loathing and suicidal ideation. If you have sharps privileges and have been an outpatient for a while, give me a call!

6 thoughts on “eDisHarmony

  1. Haha I love the ad, its sure to find the hot babes. Although there are a lot of whacked out chicks on the dating services, I know cause i’ve nailed a few of them, but I did find an awesome girl back in May, we’ve been dating since. shes totally normal. So dont lose too much hope, there are normal people out there. Just few and far between lol.

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