This tool thinks we need to destroy Islam and burn everything and kill lots of civilians, probably with a broadsword.

I say let him start out by clearing some minefields for us, or something. We’ll lose less 19-year-old soldiers that way. Let the professors of education be first in the breach!

His gibbering call for blood is here.

6 thoughts on “courtesy

    1. My favorite is the following: “You know what is really funny about this? The 9/11 attack was against us here in NYC; and the only thing most inbred gun-totin’ rednecks hate more than foreigners are New Yorkers. You people don’t give a damn about the people who died in the World Trade Center…you just want an excuse to hate something or somebody.”
      I’m a New Yorker and I’m sick of being exploited over what happened on 9/11. When I read that response, I wanted to hug the guy who posted it.

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