Yo, bitch, what was that about?

Who is stealing his signs?

I was talking to the security guard at work this weekend while both of us were being very, very bored at the office. We were bitching about Los Angeles and its many flaws. He said he was from New York and wanted to go back. When I asked what he missed most about his home town he said “Hmm.. I think the filth. And the chaos.”

I’m glad myself that I only have to go into this city once or twice a week now. It broke in the early 90s and was never fixed, and it is held together with sticky tape and lies.

In my own pueblo, it was announced recently that COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES TO MEET ON LEVEL PLAYING GROUND TO CLEAR THE AIR. I suppose the big fans they use for air clearing wouldn’t work on a tilted playing ground.

13 thoughts on “Yo, bitch, what was that about?

  1. Be a sheep, move to Portland like everyone else.
    I voted NY, tho the winters would likely make you long for SoCal and NY has no Disney and Coffee Patios are pretty rare.

      1. Also I predict within 10 years, Portland will be the “new LA” (especially if CA falls in the ocean) inspiring people to move someplace else to avoid the high cost of living and the city-esque life.
        Perhaps even back to SoCal.
        And hey there isnt a show called “The Portland” yet 🙂

  2. Unsurprisingly, I voted for nyc. However, I have to admit that I really quite like Portland. Of course, my mother maintains that I only say that I don’t totally reject the idea of living there because I actually just want to live in Powell’s.

  3. I say Portland because you’ll be closer to us. =) That being said, I would say VANCOUVER but I know that’s dumb. Of course, these are all things that I say because I think it would be cool.
    I think Portland would be cool for you personally because you know people, but I don’t know if it’s weird enough or cosmo enough for you. I mean, like it or not, it’s NOT like L.A. … people can talk about that all day, but it’s got a totally different blend of humanity that lacks the beautiful people by and large, and adds in a large blop of the Great Outdoors. More outdoor equipment shops than you can shake a few sticks at. Different food. Vancouver is a port city so at least you can get a lot of really different food styles here. I’m not sure if that’s so much the case in Portland.
    I’m not really debating places that are better or worse. I guess I’m just trying to think about which parts of humanity you prefer to live near. I think you’d like Portland, but it’s hard to imagine you away from LA. At the same time, you don’t seem very happy there lately so who knows.
    Blatt blatt. I just want you to go or stay where you will be the happiest, that’s all. =)

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