Go Cyberverse!

For the second year in a row, my ISP has done the following:

  1. Totally screwed up the billing for months
  2. Not noticed a change in my credit card information
  3. Sent me a dunning notice for several hundred dollars with a threat to discontinue service.

Come on guys. You don’t invoice monthly, you don’t call if there’s a problem, you barely keep records, and suddenly after months of this crap you want $700. Remember last year, when you did this? And apologized? And billed me an extra $20 a month to get your money back slowly? REMEMBER?

Capitalism shouldn’t be this hard.

Edit: The mess was worked out to mutual satisfaction. One advantage of the small ISP is that when the shit hits the fan, you can get someone on the phone who has the authority and the time to deal with your problem. I’d still recommend these guys, with the caveat that you need to get invoiced monthly or you’re fucked.

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