15 thoughts on “Crossdressing Lite for the Hot Topic crowd

  1. That would be “castratocore”, methinks. I’m not trying to boast or anything, but I don’t think I could wear those and still walk, sit down, or speak in my normal octave.

      1. Men are so scared of being men anymore that they’re blindly following these feminizing trends (Queer Eye, Metrosexuals, etc) because they think that’s what women want.
        Genesis P-Orridge has lots of interesting things to say about androgyny and how it might be an evolutionary goal to form a third sex with both sets of genitalia and the attendant social sex roles.

      2. whoa!
        That message arrived just as and I had the following exchange:
        genericus42: ‘fashioncore’
        Conrad Heiney: blowing it up now
        genericus42: please to be takin me with it
        Conrad Heiney: I’m going onstage wearing a tampon up my ass to be more fashionable
        Conrad Heiney: Oh wait, no Genesis P. Orridge did that in 1981
        genericus42: I was just readin rroseselavyoui’s comment

      1. Yes, yes it is! I think it’s great, the only thing I don’t like is the seasons too short and you have to wait too long for it to return. 😥

  2. I’m suspecting
    Why do I think it might have gone more like this?
    Young Reporter: [who Travis has a crush on] Say are those girls jeans?
    Travis : [who bought them at a thrift store and didn’t notice there was a difference until this moment] Uh…yeah, yeah they are. It’s the latest thing.
    YR: Really?
    T: [brazening it out] Yes, it is, but it’s totally punk and underground and stuff. Just for hardcore shows [which he knows the reporter doesn’t go to]. It’s like emo, but for fashion. Kind of a, um, Bowie androgyny thing, but for hardcore.
    YR: Oh, that explains the hair.
    T: [didn’t wash his hair and one greasy lock keeps covering one eye] Uh…yes, that’s part of it too.
    YR: ‘Caus the style is sort of like an 80’s new wave girl, sorta. A really burly, unshaven 80’s new wave girl.
    T: That’s the point. It’s so strange it’s cool y’know.
    YR: All you need is the white belt –
    T: [had no idea until this moment] Oh, we’ve got the white belts.
    YR: We?
    T: Yeah, me and my pals we step out to shows all, uh, uh… fashioncore style.
    YR: [no longer skeptical] Fashioncore? Really?
    T: [brazen] You bet, two of my friends are fashioncore and there’s usually a bunch of fashioncore guys at a show.
    YR: Wow, that’s kind of sexy gender play.
    T: Actually it’s a whole new subset of hardcore – too tough for emo, but softer than the stupid macho crap.
    YR: Wow, this would make a great story! I usually avoid hardcore like the plague but this – I just need a photographer. When’s the next show in the fashion core scene?
    T: [weakly] Um…next Friday?
    YR: Thanks Travis, you are so cool.
    Danny: You want us to WHAT?
    T: Please guys, she’s really cool and I’m gonna look like an idiot.
    Brandon: Dude, I am so there. I just hope you know Reflux is going to kick the shit out of us when they find out you labeled them fashioncore.

    1. Re: I’m suspecting
      I wish that was true. Were it so, I would buy drinks for all the kids.
      I think another dialogue may have occurred, though, among the fashion “guerilla marketing” crowd. It has been pointed out to me by at least two people that women’s jeans are a lot more expensive than men’s, and that the ladies ready-to-wear industry has got to be delighted by all of this.
      And if it results in Saves the Day or Taking Back Sunday wearing skorts and espadrilles on stage, it’s all worth it.

      1. Re: I’m suspecting
        The thing is? I’ve worn both and men’s jeans are way more comfortable. Who are these people? Are they merely marketing shills?

  3. My GF dresses liek this but its okay cause shes a girl. And its cute on her.
    But she always refers to this hardcore thing and to me that means, hardcore punk, or metal music. not pussy ass emo.
    They are nothing more than in denial homos. Real Men are too fat to fit in womens clothing.

  4. I thought “fashioncore” was all those “punque” designer T-shirts worn by trendies at electroclash/nu-rock nights in trendy coolsie bars, usually with distressed denim and Von Dutch trucker caps.

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