Professional driver. Closed course. Do not attempt.

It is important for stockholder value for the sysadmin to be sitting under fluorescent lights for 8 hours during times of possible high server load.

Christmas in the WHAT

I don’t think we’ve gone far enough with fantasy sports. Sure, we’re paying to pretend to manage athletic events that we usually just watch professionals act out on the television, and that’s pretty cool. But I think we need video games that simulate fantasy sports, so we can pick out fantasy teams and play against computer opponents and each other, live, networked. And then, we should have a feature film based on that video game. And a novelization of the feature film. And a children’s book based on the novelization of the feature film of the video game of the virtual management of athletic events played by professionals on TV. And finally we can put those characters on footballs and have the kids throw them around. Then we can organize them into leagues…

Yesterday I saw an ad for Norwegian sardines on public television.

We sail tonight for Singapore
The whole town’s made of iron ore!

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