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Q: How is HTML produced in your organization?

A: Our people edit HTML with a Cummins turbodiesel engine which generates 500 ft/lbs of torque, connected to a purpose-built compressor that reduces wood pulp to an iron-hard substance that is then fired in chunks by a chain gun at 1900 rounds per second and 5000 feet per second muzzle velocity directly at the sun.

10 thoughts on “technical update

  1. Honestly? People cut & paste marginally appropriate chunks from existing pages into various text editors without having much of an idea what any of it does. Then when things fail to work properly they go and find someone who speaks Intarweb to fix it for them.

  2. stupid cummins.
    funny. but the turbo-diesel-wood chipper-chain gun has been replaced by the Onan(tm) power-gen solar run sherpa monkeys.

  3. we have a bunch of chickens, see, and we throw them crumbs of bread on the keys we want them to hit, and then they jump on the keyboard after the bread and that types in the html.
    we used to use canaries (because they were cheaper – they eat less bread), but they were too light on the keyboard and couldn’t press the keys down.
    this saves our ceo big buxx because the chickens will work for bread money. also they don’t ask for better pcs that have more than 128MB RAM.

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