At long last, have we no sense of decency?

I was going to write a long screed about the New Demagoguery, the horrible echoes of 1933 in our own society, and the increasing acceptance of fascist viewpoints in mass media. But instead, I’ll just link y’all up with this Godwin watch page from the History News Network.

One thought on “At long last, have we no sense of decency?

  1. Fasquism
    I too wanted to write a long coherent screed, but ended up with this instead.
    I’ve got the ennui miasmique from up-close Fascism, and from the seething Slave States who just know that Fascism in the US is impossible, because we’re totally free and THIS is AMERICA!.
    I’m tired of the fascist heartland.
    Someone needs to realign the national chakras with a tack-hammer.

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