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  • sports personality name of the week: Gaydarbek Gaydarbekov
  • Kenn originally found these, and I was in denial until I saw an ad on TV. Latrell Sprewell: Fashion Genius
  • I am stuck at the office today watching spr0ts on TV for work. The sportsball team is defeating the other sportsball team. I LOVE SPORTSBALL!
  • I traded technology advice for a corned beef on rye and a cup of coffee today.
  • While attempting to meet someone in Beverly Hills for the item above, I had to do battle with several six figure cars, including being cut off by a Porsche Turbo and a Ferrari, and myself cutting off a Lamborghini. Also I saw a lady nearly kill all humans on Rodeo drive by gunning it in her BMW M5.
  • Dream a little dream of me.

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