Today I

  • Ate with realitylost at Finbar’s
  • Fixed 2 problems and caused 1 at work
  • Helped a friend to carry out a rather classical Sicilian Revenge, served very cold.
  • Was annoyed all day
  • Fantasized about being a Linux admin where actual penguins live ( )
  • Was simultaneously confronted by severe communication issues at work and nasty splits among friends, and could not solve or deal with either of these
  • Drank lots of water
  • Listened to a lot of Minutemen and Mission of Burma and the somewhat disappointing new Hives

How was your day?

10 thoughts on “Today I

  1. Served very cold
    I jammed (or maybe crammed) another column in a table of output because some people were whining about it not being there. It was relatively hackish and quite crude, but I don’t really care because that describes the whole thing and there will be a big redesign.
    Also I ate cheese.

  2. I went by d’s last night to see you before I left but you were not to be found 🙁
    I had a dream last night that we were feeding each other cheetos through a poster tube.

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