This is why a lot of people find rich liberals annoying.

So there’s this guy, and he’s from a poor rural part of a poor country. And the country has been at war at lot over the years. He and all his friends are flat broke and constantly in danger, most likely. And then he comes to the U.S. and visits Los Angeles to work on a translation project, which I bet is pretty cool stuff.

Unfortunately he falls into the hands of a self-important digerati netizen bOING bOING person who uses him for the equivalent of a Junior High School photo essay and poses him in front of Versace in Beverly Hills for the big meaningful contrast. And of course she gets the quote from him about the Gucci mink-lined doggie carrier.

She also takes pains to mention the brand of her digital camera. And to use the word “skillz”. She does say that “there is a long story behind this image for another time”, but I bet you a dime she never gets to it.

I sure hope she bought him a nice lunch. Having to pose for the Photo Opportunity of Contrasts so that the local lady bountiful can feel in touch with your indigenous-people poverty-victim coolness must be a real pain in the ass.

7 thoughts on “This is why a lot of people find rich liberals annoying.

  1. Do people like this ever have a point that other people (who aren’t them) can understand? It’s one thing when you can’t understand a point because it’s too deep, it’s another when you can’t understand it because it’s too shallow….

  2. Shit like this really pisses me off. Just another way of exploiting the indigenous people. Lunch? She should’ve sucked him off at least.

  3. Nice poorsploitation!
    It’s normally Joi Ito who makes my eyes glaze over, but with this I’m just about ready for the whole bOING bOING staff to be cleansed with fire…

  4. I sure hope she bought him a nice lunch.
    “I watched him salivate as I ate the grilled chicken and baby spinach salad with artisan goat cheese, and drank Pellegrino. Surely a meal like this would feed his family for a week! Must get a picture of the drool, so people know how hungry he is.”

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