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I just ate some figs, which I purchased at Mother’s Market & Kitchen. They are fresh figs.

I noticed that my tongue was burning as I ate them. I’ve noticed this before! I wondered do I have a food sensitivity? That would be a first for me.

A search on the ‘Net reveals that figs may be related to rubber in some way and have latex on the skin. Several authorities said that either one should only eat figs that are so ripe they just fell off the tree on to your head, or bite into them so that the inside and not the skin hits your tongue first.

I just ate a small basket of rubber fruit, apparently.

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  1. errr about the figs…last year i picked so many figs from the tree in my backyard that my hands were stained, and altogether itchy when i tried to wash the fig residue off. no doubt a slight allergic reaction. with figs i guess that can happen inside and out. beware!
    figs are yum. i cured huge bowls of those figs in the oven, and even after gifting a big container of them to a friend (who later ate them stuffed with bleu cheese, delish) i still have some lurking in the freezer. i recommend fashioning a sugar syrup with red wine and rosewater and letting whole ripe figs steep in it for at least an hour. then eat them. with your pinky in the air.

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