barstow boyz

Music at ~90 dB / wigs / porn magazines / Foreigner / tequila / hot chicks dancing up front / Queen / bro guys being assholes / Guns ‘n’ Roses / reggiT in his leathers / Judas Priest / Leah simulating sex with the singer / Nicolette looking bored at the door / The Power Station / an abortive 2 minute threat of the Doors’ “The End” that segued into Bon Jovi / Ears ringing ringing ringing

Orange county women look just fine shaking it to a heavy metal joke tribute band. Mmm, mm.

Orange county bro guys just look like red-faced assholes.

Orange county indie fucks just look precious.

I looked bald, fat, and old and I thought I was doing damned well in that crowd.

Hummus is God’s perfect food.

I met a nice woman tonight that Liam introduced me to with some story that seemed important but I could not hear a thing. I think she’s going to Built to Spill. We all need to learn sign language or just SMS to each other. I need to buy some ear plugs after 25 years of doing this to my ears.

Everyone likes Def Leppard; only some people admit it.

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  1. barstow boyz
    those guys f’n rocked. the journey finale was a nice touch, also. anyone know where/when they are playing again? concur re def leppard.

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