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  1. Similarly, he needs to come up to Portland to try out the bacon donut from Voodoo. It is basically a maple bar with two strips of bacon on top. It sounds bad but ends up tasting like pancakes, syrup, and bacon all mixed together–as they typically end up doing anyway.

      1. Re: erk
        It’s great! They have donuts covered in various cereals: Froot Loops, Cocoa Puffs, roof-of-the-mouth-sandpaper a.k.a. Cap’n Crunch, and even crunchberries. They have a donut shaped like a giant cock (which may just be the triple chocolate penetration). They have a glazed the size of my head. They even have a little chocolate donut shaped like a voodoo doll and you get pretzel sticks to jab into its eye sockets and groin and such.

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