cos mic BOWL

I tagged along with redmaenad and friendly_bandit as they bowled tonight. odradak and I were spectatoes.

This was rock ‘n’ roll (COSMIC!) bowling with lasers and a DJ. The DJ was a core hairband rocker who played all his favorites for the first hour and then gave in and played dance party hip-hop.

I don’t think anyone there recognized Iron Maiden except like 3 of us old people.

I have developed a new scale for the marketability of music, which I call the “Teenaged girl dancing at the bowling alley scale”. There was this gal maybe 15 years old who was occasionally dancing and doing sort of cheerleadery routines spontaneously to the music. She especially liked the Usher and the Tupac and some of the newer hip-hop, even doing a spinaround and a little hop. The hard rock, not so much. You could basically tell how much money the music was making this week by her dance routines.

I shot a lot of pics at the COSMIC BOWL, some of which I’ll post later.

I have been listening to a lot of early sixties Miles Davis, and so should you.

I got matched on Yahoo! again with the woman who is “chilaxin’” and “down for whatever’s cleaver”. Hassan CHOP!

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  1. “Teenaged girl dancing at the bowling alley scale”
    You are entirely correct. This is not a new scale, however; Frank Zappa identified it as part of his keynote address to the graduating class of the American Society of University Composers.
    He identified the girl as “Debbie”. She is 13, and dreams of being kissed by a lifeguard. The people in the Secret Office Where They Run Everything From were overjoyed to discover Debbie, and she was chosen to become the “Archtypical Imaginary Pop Music Consumer & Ultimate Arbiter of Musical Taste for the Entire Nation.”
    “Since Debbie prefers only short songs with lyrics about boy-girl relationships, sung by persons of indeterminate sex, wearing S&M clothing, and because there is Large Money involved, the major record companies (which a few years ago occassionally ricked investment in recordings of new works) have all but shut down their classical divisions, seldom recording new music.

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