radio days

First up Beverly, first up Wilshire, first up Santa Monica. All threes you are not first up. Three ten. Three ten at the Beverly, Mrs. Cantor, for downtown. Three eighteen. Three eighteen for the Holiday Inn downtown, Mr. Davison. All threes you are still not first up.

One one four to K4. K4 what is your location. K4. K4 copy, we have a request in Hollenbeck, switch to Tac 4.

18-241. 18-241 your plate returns 10-36 Frank. Unit to follow 18-241 at Beach and Ball on a 10-36 Frank plate. Copy 18-220 and 18-223 en route. Per the desk sergeant code 2 only. Copy.

Engine 53, Truck 53, Engine 9, Engine 41, Engine 30, Truck 8, Medic 53, Crew 8, Crew 12, Dozer 4, Helicopter 41, respond to the vegetation fire, Laguna Canyon Road at the 405, on four bravo.

Battalion copy your request for a second alarm and light air unit. PI-3 is en route.

First up Hollywood, first up Pico, first up Beverly. All threes you are still not first up. Three nineteen your party is at the Roosevelt, Mr. Eckstein. All of you stop rushing the mic, we’re grownups okay. All threes. All threes you can discuss that later.

8 Adam 14 a 459 hot prowl at 1825 Corinth Avenue in RD 27. 8 Adam 14 respond Code 3.

All units on all frequencies officer needs help, Fifth and Alvarado.

38, traffic stop, Bayside and the Highway, Four Frank David John 8 7 9. 38, copy 10-6.

Pan pan, pan pan, pan pan. This is the United States Coast Guard Station Long Beach with a marine advisory. All vessels are asked to be on the lookout for a downed aircraft last seen thirty miles south southwest of San Clemente Island..

Okay, you’re three cars back. He’s committed to a left on Harbor. Left on harbor. White van and red Camaro between you. Slowing down. Looks like he’s headed to the 7-11. Yeah, 7-11. No, he’s back out and headed northbound. Slow up slow up, he’s gonna make you. Okay, two up from the minivan there. Yeah. Okay, he’s back northbound.

All threes you are still not first up.

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