The 9/11 commission

They’ve announced that the terrifying suicide attacks on our country, resulting in massive death and destruction, two new wars, a poisonous atmosphere of fear, and abrogations of civil liberties not seen in our lifetimes, were the result of:

A Failure of Imagination.

Yeah! Where the fuck was TIM BURTON when we needed him? We need more IMAGINATIVE bureaucrats and apparatchiks! We need military intelligence officers who DREAM! We need to IMAGINEER this country into EPCOT!!

How much did I pay for this bullshit?

4 thoughts on “The 9/11 commission

  1. Imagineer
    Nobody ever wants to say “incompetence” in Washington. Or “really bad president”.
    I think/worry that everyone who’ll vote for Bush in November has moved into a fact-impervious mental space. Well, we’ll see when someone gets around to leaking the videos of the child-rape scenes from Abu Ghraib. I am told that the audio is particularly interesting on those.

    I haven’t and probably will not, read the report as I figure it’s largely worthless and others will surely comment on any interesting parts.
    So far our responses have mostly been laughable and Bin Laden is probably taking great joy watching us squirm about in discomfort because our nail clippers were confiscated.
    These reports always address things on a grand political scale and rarely have a definitive plan for action.

  3. Just a thought
    Well, their findings were a little bit more than that. The FBI, CIA, and NSA were at fault for various mishaps, miscommunications, and misconceptions over the likelihood of America being hit.
    All in all, it’s pretty simple. They tried to blow the WTC up in 1993, failed, so they came back and finished the job. Unfortunately, the person most educated about this objective, a former FBI agent, died 9/11/2001. His first day on the job as lead security for the WTC.
    And the President really isn’t involved in security directly, especially investigation.

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