I am indeed a sheep.

Like others, I am doing that thing in which anonymous posting is allowed and IPs are not logged, so that you can shout into the well whatever you wish, about me or anything else.

20 thoughts on “I am indeed a sheep.

  1. I’m tremendously glad that I’ve gotten to know you, and feel blessed by the opportunity.
    Unfortunately I have no breasts, but still. It’s true.

  2. When I first ‘met’ you (as much meeting as IRC can be), I wasn’t sure what to think. Now that I’ve spoken with you a few times, read your journal for a while, and watched you interact with others over IRC, I can see why the others think you’re such a cool guy. 🙂

  3. I think of you as an angel in ways. you saved me at a time that was very rough, with words, with friendship. you have always been forth coming with your emotions and that is so fucking commendable. I adore you.

  4. Sometimes I have visions of a future in which I have become you, and I am alternately pleased and disappointed.

  5. I think you know how to make your life better. I just think that you are too stubborn to make those changes because you have been denying that they would work for too long.
    I hope you can change this some day, because you are too smart and too cool to spend the rest of your life in misery.

  6. ing
    You have an eviscerating wit, vast and diverse knowledge and crippling self loathing. Your thoughts on the latter turn in circles but your articulation of those thoughts is as fascinating as it is heart breaking.
    Sometimes I think you are a future version of me, only smarter, which I find alternately encouraging and worrisome.
    The people you are surrounded with adore you but you don’t see what they see.

    1. Re: ing
      The people you are surrounded with adore you but you don’t see what they see.
      and also this.

  7. You make me laugh more than anyone. You make me buy good books, and good food, and good coffee. Sometimes I think we’re twins. I like being around you, because you’re so gentle but also bitter and cynical and funny.
    I wish you lived here with me. I know lots of reasons why you can’t, but I’m not sure if the biggest reason is me personally.
    You’re my best friend. Thank you for being there.

    1. It also makes me enormously sad that people don’t see what I see, or that you don’t see what I see when I look at you.

  8. A. Nonymous
    Screw you and your little dog that you rode in on!
    Wait, what? Whaddya mean this isn’t anonymous? I was supposed to click the “Anonymous” radio button to post it anonymously? Awww…crap.
    Seriously, though–I cannot think of anything that I would post anonymously that I would not post/say in person.

  9. Hey I can tell who everyone is even though the comments are anonymous.
    Also: HOT COCK.

    1. I
      want to crawl into your skull, and drive you around for a while. when I leave, perhaps your muscle memory will retain what I put you through. Not that I would put you in harms way, I would just like to make decisions for you for a few weeks, drop your psyche back in, and see what you think.
      also: jonpants couldn’t guess who I was, even if the prize consisted of naked girl mudflaps and a dukes of hazard lunchbox! happy guessing jon.

  10. The world is a weird place
    You have no idea where I live. You don’t know me.
    I think you’re cool though, even though you’re different. Different is a good thing though.
    Like the proverbial butterfly, I told a “substitute” story to a friend of mine while driving along in the city. You never know what typhoon will become of this.
    I am responsible for slowly etching away at your 5 minutes of fame.
    Hopefully, soon, you’ll be on our $5 coin.

  11. I truly enjoy your company. When you are not around I miss you. You make me laugh, keep me informed of things I would otherwise know nothing about, and you never make me feel stupid for asking you what in the world all you educated people are talking about. I feel good about myself when I am around you.
    Oopps, guess I just felt no need to be anonymous.

  12. You and I don’t talk much, but that’s probably largely because I suck at conversation…barring the occasional rant or burst of inane banter. Regardless, you have always been one of my very favorite people – right up there with the VSCA Crew who I adore as well. All from afar.

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