The tile guy is making me homicidal

I find it hard to express in words how much I hate “Christian “rock” and “Christian” radio. And I have had a solid week of it now.

4 thoughts on “The tile guy is making me homicidal

  1. The thing with the deal
    What’s really infuriating about this sort of thing is it seems to be enough for something to have the religious aspect for it to be considered. The music is all crap, but it doesn’t have to be good because it’s Christian. Let’s stick it on the dial in heavy rotation!

    1. Re: xian rock
      christian rock has always perplexed me. (and beyond that, christian rock bites me). no matter how you try to listen/process the sh*&, it’s just plain horrible. the cow works the cud in many ways, but it’s still cud!! the sh*^ sounds like teeny bop b sides played on the radio, except if you listen close enough you hear the mighty “g” word a lot. must be a lesson in patience to be had by listening to the stuff. i feel your pain…

  2. Re: At least..
    Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.
    I was done listening to that shit when Gary arrived on the scene – I had no idea such a thing existed!

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