Newspeak makes me ill

The disinformation campaign about Iraq is being referred to as an “intelligence failure”. This is obviously false; it was a deliberate campaign of lies that defrauded the American people and the British government into accepting an unnecessary war.

The deliberate destruction of incriminating documents is now called a “document retention policy”.

People wishing to protest the conduct of our government are corralled into small, distant “free speech zones”.

The everyday talk of business people everywhere is now Newspeak too. What we call “buzzwords” like “reorg” or “loss prevention” are just that. Business speak, eduspeak, newspeak, doublethink. We’re our own big brother.

5 thoughts on “Newspeak makes me ill

  1. It’s not exactly newspeak, but my favorite new corporate codephrase is “utilize Global Resources,” which is what they tell you when you are busy trying to staff a project with competent people who can get the job done. It means, of course, “those people are too expensive, farm half the project out to Brazil and India.” Headcounts is headcounts.

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