This explains the cheesy bits of my music taste

Looking back on the top hits of the radio station I worshipped in high school, I find a lot of dinosaur rock and power pop mixed in with the new wave and punk. See and and even for details.

bang bang, I’ve got mine
bang bang, and you are next in line

work oh ah two and oh

even the losers get lucky sometimes

i’m a nuclear boy in a nuclear world.

5 thoughts on “This explains the cheesy bits of my music taste

  1. Wow!
    The 1981 and 1982 lists perfectly describe why I loved that station during those years. The 1985 list perfectly describes why I returned to listening to Rush, Yes, Zepplin, and Tull.

    1. I believe they’re playing the Orange County Fair. My neighbor is a huge fan of hers and keeps up on these things.

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