Subject verb object. Subject verb object.

My day at work can be expressed by this cartoon. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

The almost two hour drive home in heavy traffic was much eased by the music of John Coltrane. Thanks for “A Love Supreme”, John. All four parts.

It was good to see redmaenad tonight after her asskicking lesson, and even better to see that she put something in her LJ after a million years of not doing so. She’s a good people.

Tomorrow I go see the psych doc, and I get to explain to him that I need less sweat and uncalled-for napping in my life. I think he’ll agree.

How the hell does a 7 foot 7 inch ex NBA star get thrown from a car in an accident? Kinetic energy is mysterious.

Each paragraph of this short LJ post consists of two sentences. I wonder why that is?

One thought on “Subject verb object. Subject verb object.

  1. Actually since the NBA star has more mass, he’d be more likely to be thrown. But your smart, you knew that.
    It’s fitting through the hole that’d be painful.

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