More annals of commerce

iTunes is celebrating Independent Music! For Independence Day!

Their selection includes Hilary Duff, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the Universe, Ever.

3 thoughts on “More annals of commerce

  1. cause, like, you know, classical was totally designed to be a relaxing genre. and if the classical album you get is too relaxing, it’s reassuring to know you can always go out and buy mannheim steamroller’s version of it.

    1. the most frustrating classical album in the universe, ever
      Yeah, I want to strap those people in like in A Clockwork Orange and play The Rite of Spring, Knight on Bald Mountain, and lots of Schoenberg and John Cage at them. RELAX NOW! MWAA HAAA

  2. is giving codes for FIVE! DOLLARS! OFF!!! in celebration of Canada Day (today) and their SECOND! ANNIVERSARY! IN THE LAND OF THE MOOSE!
    hodey hodey ho. I sense neighbourhood barbeques…

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