Two stroke engines and baby crows

My sleep schedule is so completely horked from a combination of work, medication, and idiocy that I now feel constantly jet-lagged. It’s not entirely a bad thing; there’s a sort of mild euphoria that goes with the disorientation and exhaustion. However I’d just as soon feel rested.

Work has been hard to manage what with the huge project we’re pushing through, necessitating 24-hour coverage from a small staff, but everyone has been nicer than I’d expected about the situation. We basically have to give birth to an elephant this week, and lots of people will notice if no elephant arrives, so failure is not an option bla bla bla. I wish I had a better handle on it; I feel pretty useless.

I also completely failed to pick up my mother at the airport. I had the wrong day written down for her arrival. Never done that before! Perhaps I have a brain tumor or early-onset dementia! Maybe it’s the turkey bologna I ate. Or my increasingly out-of-control icewater habit. She was pretty nice about it though.

I’m still a bit in shock about the result in our local rich-guy rapist trial. You can buy justice if you have enough cash, and the Haidl family sure did an O.J. there. If the next trial results in acquittal I’d advise them to ship the kid out of town before the lynch mob shows up. How do you get that result from people shoving a broomstick into a 15 year old girl? People suck.

On the bright side of things, PHEAR THIS VOLVO.

I think I could listen to John Zorn’s Masada records all day and all night, forever.

5 thoughts on “Two stroke engines and baby crows

    I got the corner on the brain tumor market.
    Was she stranded at SNA or LAX? I can’t picture your Mom getting angry (though I’m sure it has happened)

    1. The subject line referred to the things that wake me up each day. The baby crow sounds just awful (GRAWWWWKWKWKWKW) and my neighbor fires up some type of small internal combustion engine very early every day to maintain some part of his tiny suburban empire.

  2. My favirote…
    Quote from rapist,” my advice to other teenagers is to think about the consequences of your actions”, before you rape a girl on video tape with a few of your friends. That last part was mine…..
    Ass-clown, soulless, fuck-tard!

  3. I once found a baby crow in the park. Its head was surprisingly flat. I thought of taking it home and raising it, as I had sparrows, pigeons, etc., but its whole clan was around screaming at me and dive-bombing my head, and eventually I decided it was best not to upset everyone. I think about that baby crow from time to time and wonder if it made it. It was really more of a preadolescent crow, it just hadn’t quite mastered flight yet.

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