4 thoughts on “For example, we could put the unregistered handguns next to the True Crime books

  1. That’s horrifying. Where the hell is Canada supposed to get it’s supply of reading materials then? Especially since almost every bookstore out here in TO (dunno about other parts of canada) is owned by indigo/chapters. Hello? Barnes and Noble? Yes, I think you’d like to come over now, bring some potential intelligence back into the country with you one your way in.

    1. Hrm, I dunno. The article makes it sound bad, but Chapters is a pretty good bookstore as such things go. The one right downtown here in Ottawa has about 1/12 of its floor space dedicated to “lifestyle stuff”, including the article’s yoga mats but also including calendars and notebooks and invitations and papery things you might expect a big bookstore to have. That’s about the same amount of space dedicated to DVDs there, or to magazines. There’s still a lot of room for books, plus there’s the other four Chapters megastores here if that one doesn’t have what I want (and kiosks at which I can look up which stores have the book I want).
      Then again, when I was in Montreal, the Indigo store there had half of the ground floor (which was 1/2 the size of the top floor) merchandise, and the other half French books, and then upstairs 3/4 English books and 1/4 CDs and cafe; the Chapters had four floors of books and half a floor of cafe. So there has been some change afoot since Chapters acquired Indigo, but it’s been slow enough and has left the book selection sufficiently alone that it’s still the first place I’d check.

      1. The indigo here on Yonge and Eg is pretty big on the department store crap. When you walk in they’ve got gardening stuff, baking bowls and other baking supplies, bags, purses, stuffed animals, so I can see them making the transition pretty smoothly in a lot of stores should they want to convert it to carry even more of that stuff even more.
        I’d say the majority of the bottom floor in the previously mentioned store is dedicated to lifestyle type stuff. Upstairs is much larger, but when you get right down to what portion of it actually has the books, it’s about the same size as the downstairs. A huge portion of the upstairs is music, and coffee.

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