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      1. Comment #16:
        Dear Michael Mulder,
        I’m glad you have put this web site up, as I’ve been interested in contacting you for some time.
        I’d like to invite you to be on my show, the Maury Povich Show, with me -Maury Povich.
        Maury Povich
        posted by Maury at 09:04:53 AM on June 11, 2004

  1. I have a giant Badtz-Maru squeak mallet. I don’t imagine it would be painful enough. Sometimes, when I feel really bad, I understand trepanation. Then I remember about the soft stuff in there and it seems less wise.
    Hugs and smooches and all kind stuff like that there. You know where I am if you need to blab.

  2. figures someone that went to UNT (my alma mater) would write that. denton is a fun place if one likes the freakshows and cheap booze!
    i just had to give a wee yay for unt here.
    that is all.
    sorry for wasting your time.

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