neighborhood kid gone to hell

Remember the local guy I mentioned whom I’d known as a small child? He’s still in the neighborhood but has a serious drinking/drug problem. I’d say he started abusing whatever he could when he was in his early teens, and he’s my age now. He’s come over before or called and been drunk and strange and hard to deal with.

Yesterday, I was going out to my car to get something and he was riding by on a bike. He pulled over and called out to me, first addressing me by my brother’s name. He was with a “friend” of his who was a used-up ex-con guy of the scrawny toothless variety. Mullet, drug face, cop magnet. V. himself had one eye squinted shut most of the time he was talking to me.

This time he asked me for a couple of bucks. I didn’t want to give him money. I said I had none on me. He got a little angry and said “Remember when we were kids and I gave you that apple? The one you wanted? Pay me back now, give me a couple of bucks”. I ended up giving him the change in my pocket.

He told me he was “on the street”. I asked if he wasn’t still with his parents around the corner, and he said “I can kinda eat there, and stuff.” I guess they had to bar him from sleeping there.

I feel bad for him, and scared for me. He can be physically aggressive and I’ve heard him yelling in rage for hours and hours before, over the fence. His friend looked like the kind of guy who’d kill you for $5 at a bus stop in Roubidoux. The whole thing sucks.

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