4 thoughts on “KITT, tell the officer you were driving yourself.

  1. Why do they feel the need to make so many Knight Rider references? I think we all got the joke the first time. I guess I shouldn’t really be looking for literary sublimity from E! Online.


  2. i find it really funny that both vh1 and e! have been reporting the rap album thing. this is a quote taken from the museum of hoxes website:
    Is David Hasselhoff Making a Rap Album?
    Sky News has been reporting that Rapper Ice-T has decided to produce a new rap album by his LA neighbor, David Hasselhoff (of Baywatch fame). The article quotes Ice-T as saying, “He’s gonna come out as Hassle the Hoff… The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills and humour.” When I read this article I got really scared, because I figured that if such a thing were to happen, it would definitely be a sign that the end was near. But thankfully it appears to be a hoax. On his website, Hasselhoff denies the reports that he’s making a rap album. Thank God for that.


  3. From the article:

    Hasselhoff was booked in a McDonald’s parking lot in Los Angeles around 11 p.m. after police spied his car–which was presumably not an artificially intelligent crime-fighting car–being driven somewhat erratically.

    “Occifer, I wasn’t driving erratically. I just forgot how cold McDonald’s shakes are, and when I put the cup in my crotch cupholder, I started getting a case of blue balls, and you KNOW how Pam hates that. I haven’t had any martoonies. Just blue balls. Please, release me, let me go.”


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