Tonight I will eat a rubber tire to the music of “Flight of the Bumblebee.” Maestro?

Bad day.

Paged from an uneasy sleep to reset something on the production website. Then woke up and was stretching and finding coffee when the entire site went down hard and fast because the database blew up. We have failover. It failed over. Just not fast enough. Apparently buying the super ginchy six figure enterprise apparatus doesn’t mean anything the salesman tells you.

Then our app started choking and spitting and dying and restarting in a loop and I had to manually reset things. And it did it again, and again. Then, when we thought that was fixed I went to get a haircut and while that was happening it blew up again plus someone decided on Friday at 6 pm that there was suddenly a problem with part of the site that needed an emergency software update.

I completed that at the Starbucks. Then I tried to go get something to eat and a cup of coffee and during that the site blew up again in the same way. I managed to fix the entire thing from the hiptop but I didn’t enjoy it, not one little bit. If I spend this weekend fixing broken crap every 2 hours because of someone else’s poor planning then I promise that Tuesday morning is going to be a very difficult time for someone else.


The new (after 22 years) Mission of Burma record is really really good. I had a good meatball sandwich for dinner. And I did manage to get my hair cut so I now look like Uncle Fester instead of Klaus Nomi, which is a big improvement.

Posting by email is apparently broken. I attempted to announce from the Ralphs that I saw a product called “Et Tu Caesar Salad Kit”. I assume it comes with red Italian dressing?

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