She said she really liked brown shoes and I’ve never heard anyone say that before.

Today I purchased pillows at Target. This was a desperate need because my pillows were 10 years old and I had been sweating energetically into them the entire time. Gross. The Target now has Veuve Clicquot.

I ate dinner at the local IHOP. It’s been on 17th street forever and is very dingy. The food isn’t good, but it’s very evocative of childhood for me so I go about every two months.

Today I stopped and noticed the little Shrine to This IHOP near the entrance. As with most restaurants of this type were were articles from local papers about the place or letters from long-time customers, etc. Unlike most, there was a long article from a newspaper about the owner. His name is something like Abdullah Akbar and he is an Afghani and a former CIA agent who fought against the Soviets in the 1980s war.

I wonder if I bought pork chops, eggs, hash browns and pancakes from Al-Qaeda today?

At D’s a horrible hippie band arrived in the late afternoon with lots of electrical equipment and booted me out of my table so they could plug in. When I stopped by later the entire patio was full of their greasy friends, and they had a keyboard and PA and a few amps out. This just sort of spontaneously happened. I think I should show up there next week with a kazoo hooked up to a Fender Twin and just cut loose.

Oh, and Eric got into such a bad fight with one of his customers at the Napa that the police were called.

What does anyone think of the poetry of Robert Penn Warren? Redhead Sara(h) was reading it today and said it was good. I’ve never read any. I talked to her and two musicians named Matt for about an hour. Matt #1 once had to bring home a garden gnome from Ireland.

I am Lonesome Cowboy Substitute lately. I don’t seem to connect with people much in person. Also, I don’t think anyone has got a sentence completely out in about six weeks.

15 thoughts on “She said she really liked brown shoes and I’ve never heard anyone say that before.

    1. Everyone spouts off what they want to say while one person is still talking. Or if person A is talking and person D isn’t interested, then person D will talk to person Z across the patio louder than person A so persons B, C, E, and F are distracted from listening to person A.
      The “Jump In” has always happened, but back in the olden days people were a bit more polite and let people finish and/or didn’t control ALL of the spot light for the whole evening unless it was a major story involved.
      Or something like that.

      1. ha. I have such a clear picture of what is happening now.
        that’s really funny.
        You just channeled a few people for me.
        OH OH, ask Kate about how I channeled you while in portland.

      2. Unfortunately it isn’t really funny. It’s causing me to feel a bit of anger, and that can’t be good.
        Please don’t let it be the UPN channel!?!?!?

  1. This was a desperate need because my pillows were 10 years old
    Torgonic household hint: when you buy a new pillow, write the date on it with a Sharpie, so you’ll know how long you’ve had them. Otherwise, if you’re me, you’ll have no clue you’ve been sleeping on pillows that pre-date the Austro-Hungarian empire.

  2. People always interrupt me, too. It’s odd that they should, because you and I are more internally grouchy than most people, and are swift to anger. 😉 Maybe we need to wear more bear claws on our clothing or something.
    I buy those allergy pillow zipper thingers. You can’t sweat through them very easily, and thus your pillows last much longer.
    Bonk. Cheesecake for you too.

    1. It was a friend customer, don’t remember the guy’s name. Sadly, Eric calmed down and/or left before the cops arrived, so no cuffs.

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