codger moment

Let me preface this by saying that I am a guy and therefore I do like pretty girls and I sexualize all of you and stare at you and want you just as much as anyone! I am not pure.


Lindsay Lohan, current movie star girl, is 17. Pics of her are all over the place on magazines and in the internet looking cute as heck. She has breasts. There are pictures of the breasts. And there is a lot of discussion in the mainstream media about whether these breasts are fake, or real, or what.


Why is it okay for our mass media outlets to go on and on and on about whether a minor child has had her sex organs enhanced?

It’s gross and icky and creechy. As eyeteeth said, it’s great that we’re busy obsessing about a minor’s sex organs instead of seeing the war dead on TV or asking the President an uncomfortable question.

Where politics mix
With bingo and tits
In a strictly money and numbers game

–Billy Bragg

4 thoughts on “codger moment

  1. It’s ok because she’s only a few months away from being 18 AND LEGAL!!!!
    Also, it’s different with her compared to the Olsen twins because she didn’t grow up in front of the camera, she’s only been around for the last couple of years, and she’s always had her breasts with her.
    I am going to go take another shower now.

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