He turned a dream job into 11 felony counts somehow, like reverse alchemy.

He said “you’ll be unhappy like this until you find your next unhappiness” and that’s pretty much the case, I guess. She was hanging around with bottom feeders and it all went as expected. They can eat concrete! The guy treats graduate school like rehab, and he’s never finished either. You live in Yucca Valley and get your hair done there, don’t you! So do I!

He got down and hard into the paint so hard I thought he was going to mount the canvas and screw it. A serious guy like that, he’ll have an old medium format camera. First thing I said, first thing I always say, is check the price of gold. There’s no way he would admit a thing like that on television. Look, assume they’re all lying and work from there.

There’s no accounting for that behavior but he had the senior VP on his back and this account is vital, vital. If we can push back on it a little and see where it lands? I know that process is painful but there are procedures here and we have to work through that system whether we want to or not. I can’t tell whether it’s a product or a service, so how do I know if I want to buy it?

Everything outside of the actual recording studio in his life is a total fucking disaster. I’d come home at night and her dad would be sitting there with a tumbler full of room temperature vodka and the big plastic jug of it next to him, just drinking himself to death in silence. She married him and he died two weeks later; it’s what they wanted. He wanted a cheeseburger and he wasn’t going anywhere, so we got him one.

They wrote my favorite song, but I guess I was the only one.

We can’t cut through that bullshit, you know. That’s hardwired into us.

What the hell am I going to do with all these eggs? I ask you.

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