Through the Dating Glass

It’s something else watching the1withtheeyes work There she sits with three or four friends kibitzing, scrolling down through the lists of guys. She finds one, clicks down… BOOM! Rejected! Finds another.. hmm, maybe he’s okay.. guy next to her says “Dorky sideburns” BOOM! Rejected.

Finds one who seems to please the committee and messages him. The message window gets put in a stack for possible response aaaaaaand we’re back into the pages of thumbnails.

It’s a brutal industrial process. Her friends are evil like reality show judges. It’s way better than browsing Match yourself. And now I know what it’s like if I ever decide to try to find a girlfriend there! Yow.

She and vegemitelover have a great place. In a movie, the weird wizardly person would live there, the mad scientist or wizard or artist who has the key to the puzzle. Odd loft up top, bare rafters, lots and lots of neat art all over the place, with a big yard for sitting around in on a summer night. It’s so not Newport Beach.

I bought some fresh green almonds today. Now I have to figure out what to do with them.

Can I be John Zorn when I grow up?

3 thoughts on “Through the Dating Glass

  1. Yeah!!!!!!!
    I love it. It’s like going out with your friends to the clubs and check’in out the ‘shiny shirts’ and ‘short skirts’. But it’s better. I hate the bars….and with the bluetooth key bourd….we all get to sit on my bed. Fun times. Good friends.

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