Please move my consciousness three inches to the left

Someone did a puppet madness version of The Confessions of Zeno. Boy howdy!

I’m weirder than any of you know, really. I mean, really!

My brain is being a pain.

I am now on two medications. I take 30 mg of Paxil at bedtime, and as of this morning I take 150 mg of Wellbutrin-XL upon waking. I shall refer to these drugs from now on as Slaxil and LOLBUTRIN. It’s been years since I took two brain pills at once. It makes me nervous a bit, but this doctor seems to be neither a nitwit nor a jerk.

I felt like shit most of today. I am concerned that I may lose my job. This would be unfortunate. It wouldn’t kill me or nothin’, but it wouldn’t be fun. It’s been very difficult for me to complete tasks.

The frightening part of my mental state is that cognition and memory have been poor lately. I got gasoline yesterday. Pulled into the station, next to the proper pump, killed the engine and then couldn’t figure out where the gas cap release was. It took me about ten minutes to find it. I have owned this car since 2000. I am a Car Guy, for goodness sakes. Also, I forget very basic things lately and can’t get to words easily. This has happened to me before when I am severely depressed, but not this badly.

I don’t like feeling slow and dumb. Here’s to that changing soon.

My Ignatz and Krazy bendytoys arrived, along with the latest Krazy & Ignatz book. Also, Michael Chabon’s comic book of The Escapist, based on the comic in Kavalier and Klay. That’s pretty cool.

Apothecary, bring me something to sweeten my imagination!

12 thoughts on “Please move my consciousness three inches to the left

  1. when i first started taking paxil, they had me take it in the morning, and then i would bump into things all day. so then it switched to nighttime. i slept a lot better then.

  2. The Cat is Out of Its Box!
    Sometime, when you have a moment, I would be interested in knowing why they put you on two different medications and also, isn’t 150mg enough to make a horse happy?? I was only on 20mg of my stuff, so that sounds like a lot. But I know nothing. This is why I ask questions.

    1. Re: The Cat is Out of Its Box!
      Good questions.
      a) Because some medications have complementary effects together, or treat different aspects of a problem.
      b) Different medications have vastly different dosage requirements, so comparing X mgs of one drug with Y mgs of another is really comparing apples and oranges. Check each medication’s instructions for details on what constitues a “high” dosage.

  3. hang in there.
    Sorry to hear about the job and how you’ve been feeling. I’m glad you’re seeing someone and that someone isn’t a jerk. Non-jerk psychiatrists are hard to find. Hopefully the medication effects will balance out with time. I just want you to know that you’re in my thoughts.

  4. Mmmmmmmmm. 150 of Effexor (Electric Bob for the side effects if you quit too quickly or miss a dose) + 300 of Wellbutrin (LOLOLOLOLOL) a day for me, plus my anti-manic meds, and who knows what the hell is going on in my head these days.
    I hope it works for you, sir. You deserve a more… regular? Happy? Um, unmonkey life. I worry about you. Honk!

  5. Man on man! Wellbutrin was a crazy, wild ride! It was fun, but after two days of trying to run errands and doing normal chores, I decided it was too exhausting. It was almost like taking a quarter-hit of ecstacy.
    I did see parts of Marin that I never would have thought to explore. That’s something.

  6. Paxeel
    I had the slow-lexical-access thing when I started on Paxil. It went away quick.
    Also, for months when I started taking Paxil, I couldn’t take it before bed or it’d keep me awake somehow. Not wired or anything, just couldn’t get to sleep. Now, instead, it makes me sleepy. Go figure.

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