What is that? Oh, it is a vase with a tribble in it.

Trekkies 2 was great. I think it’s even better than the first one. It’s international, so we have German and Brazilian and Serbian and Australian Trek fans. Gabriel is back and grown up, and a very personable guy. As usual the most frightening people are us Americans, including the return of the Arkansas Juror.

Gabriel himself showed up at the screening with the filmmakers. Pics to come. Our friend Francine was getting him to record her voicemail message as I left. I passed on the afterparty at the Hard Rock with Sacramento’s own “Warp 11”. I’m more of a No Kill I fan anyway.

The sad Serbians wishing they lived in the 24th century when Man is united were sort of heartbreaking.

The guy who sends scripts, story boards, and graphics to Paramount with huge friendly crabs in each one, often riding on starships, is a superstar among psychoceramics.

The most terrifying part was the filking.

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