Or you could have Joel Grey come to your company and scare the shit out of everyone

I prefer HTML-resized Carol Channing to terrify my employees. They’re all available from Grabow and Associates, a wonderfully named organization.

EDIT: Wes Craven is also available, sparking this exchange:

ignatz: I like the idea of a corporate motivational event starring Wes Craven
zebulon_y: hehe
ignatz: “So, imagine this. You haven’t met your sales target, and we’ve put you in a box. A very small box. And in that box is a spider. It’s dark in the box, and the spider is very big.”
zebulon_y: “Here’s what happened to the last sales team that missed the numbers…oh, that’s messy”
ignatz: zot
ignatz: Purchasing finds themselves alone in the boiler room with Freddy due to insufficient cost controls

10 thoughts on “Or you could have Joel Grey come to your company and scare the shit out of everyone

  1. Carol Channing was on the local news last night because she sang some sort of homage to San Francisco for the Giants opening game. Her singing–and her face–were indeed terrifying. All who were present were sort of stunned into silence.


    1. I am still scarred
      Carol Channing was the White Queen in an Alice in Wonderland TV movie. At one point, she sang some whacked-out song involving when things can happen, and it was terrifying.
      To this day, I will wake up in a cold sweat, screaming “JAM TOMORROW, JAM YESTERDAY, BUT NEVER EVER JAM TODAY!”


      1. Re: I am still scarred
        I have seen that TV movie, and I know the scene to which you refer word for word.
        How surreal was that thing??


  2. Carol Channing performs a partial striptease in Otto Preminger’s film Skidoo. It is one of the more terrifying things in cinema.
    Mind you, it also has dancing garbage cans and Jackie Gleason on acid. I have no idea why it’s not available on video.


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