9 thoughts on “Credit is bad for geeks.

      1. Don’t police and fire department use encrypted DSS stuff these days so you can’t listen in? And I thought you needed some kind of fancy license to use HAM.

      2. Scanning versus Ham Radio
        This radio gets most of the digital radio signals they use now (APCO-25 standard). I do have the fancy license, but you need no license to simply listen. My license allows me to transmit on an entirely different series of frequencies.

      3. Re: Scanning versus Ham Radio
        Nah, it’s mostly the CB people who do that. Although I could get a personalized license plate of my callsign. Trouble with that is that people can very easily stalk you that way, since your name and address are a matter of Federal public record if your callsign is known.

  1. that whole severe weather alert system sure will come in handy in southern california!! it will be like, “hey, make sure you take a jacket! it may dip below 70 today!”

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