your slice of life

It’s about the size of an orange I guess and blue and sits under my rib cage. What I want you to do is, just go ahead, just go ahead and feel that. I realized that any woman I had a thing for, she had to have good shoulders, dunno what it is about the shoulders. Shit, even if the car looked like hers his head would snap around. She said her brother asked her what was menopause like and she told him she’d get back to him on that. Well, that’s one way to celebrate Holy Thursday, but it’s not likely to be approved. Church on time, terrifies me. I don’t think he even got into 2nd gear the whole length of 17th street.

The insurance business, it’s all hookers and drugs. Yeah, you found my inner bitch! The DMV, the bank, the credit card people, nobody knew where she was at.

I’m hardly getting over it
hardly getting use to being…

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