3 thoughts on “latest Jesus is With You art

  1. Oh, the metaphor here…
    My mind recoils. “Choose my carnal ways, little girl: a life of fun, colorful baloons, and the circus.” Versus, Jesus: “Choose me.”
    Or, maybe the artist is trying to get us to understand that, like Jesus, the ghastly spectre of The Trickster is always with us, waiting to rear it’s ugly whiteface head and grotesque features at any moment.
    Of course, at a deeper level, “clowns” were origially hired to scare away evil spirits, hence their colorful garb and hideous facepaint. Maybe there’s some deeper meaning there, too.
    Or, maybe I just need to go back to bed and stop thinking about this. Either way, curse you Ignatz for making me see this before morning coffee.

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