Just kill me.

With my extensive skills as a technical professional I just managed to irrevocably and totally destroy my digital music collection. A lot of it I will have a hell of a time finding, ever, anywhere again.

In lieu of flowers, please lend me back any burned CD’s I gave you recently 😉

Drowning my sorrows in plain yogurt with fresh blueberries now.

8 thoughts on “Just kill me.

  1. First steps to recovery

    Some of us have downloaded stuff from you, and we still have it !
    There are tools to leach the music off your iPod – go look, I know one of them was just updated.

  2. I almost did something similar years ago…which is why I now keep all my music on an external Firewire drive, with an rsync’ed copy on a second external Firewire drive (manually kicked off every week, so I know I’m not rsync’ing corrupted data or that the –delete flag isn’t mirroring an empty drive by killing the backup). I almost learned the hard way, but had enough of a scare to consider the lesson learned.
    Let me know if there is anything I can replace. I could set up something with ssh, rsync, or just mail you a DVD-ROM.

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