14 thoughts on “personality revealed by desk

  1. I pee, you pee, we all pee for tea!
    Wow, what a craptastic partition they give you. …full of holes, no less! You need to steal some of those peg things they hang components on at Radio Shack and outfit your cube with a bunch of them–perhaps sharpening them to spiky points first.

  2. We have the same monkey, but the skin is stripped off its face revealing a shiny red plastic skull. One of its eyes is missing, its right arm has been skinned down to metal armature and fitted with a pink babydoll hand, and there’s a homemade metal thingum on its mouth that looks like braces or something slightly more malevolent.

      1. Re: Holy crap
        Because I live in a house with a two-headed piglet in a jar, a duckling with two bodies, a freeze-dried seven-legged piglet, a jar of skinned squirrel heads, some Tantric ritual items made of human bones, and a ton of other weird creepy stuff that has rather jaded me to the horrors of messed up toy monkeys.

      2. Re: What the
        You were perhaps hoping I’d say, “Oo, it’s awful, I can’t sleep at night, that’s why I keep it around”? What did you expect?

  3. Siamese fighting fish/St. Jude pillar candle/Beavis and Butt-head collector’s card/colored pencils in promotional Zoloft mug/four laptop computers/Allen wrench/veterinary hospital admission cards for pet rat (deceased)

  4. i like this, a lot. i like this glimpse into who you are.
    the new layout of your lj, though, i’m not so sure about. maybe my opera is just cranky, though. 🙂

    1. I’m testing out Torgo’s new stylesheet, so it might be buggly. One way to avoid seeing it while I’m testing is to check that box in the LJ editinfo where you see your friends page in your own style, and then at least in the friends view you won’t have to deal with my experiments!

      1. aw, i wasn’t trying to complain, and i don’t mind your experiments. though i’m aware of the option to turn friends’ styles off, i don’t because i like to see them. i just wasn’t sure what stage your experimenting was in, and i know that by using opera, i’m prone to layout quirks. it’s cool.

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