Turn your head, cough, think different

My shrink thinks that EMDR (another link here may be useful for me. So, we’re going to play with it a bit since she has a colleague who is good at it.

It’s a bit frightening (hacking on the brain’s firmware seems like it could really trash things if done wrong) but also interesting. Certainly the kind of troubles I have resisted psychotherapy pretty darn well before and seem to be deeply rooted enough that something different is worth considering. I’ve got to the point where trepanning doesn’t seem like such a terrible idea.

Basically the theory is that my problems may well have resulted from some bullshit that occurred when I was preverbal and therefore aren’t necessarily accessible by verbal means. Sort of the psychotherapeutic equivalent of fixing the water pump when you have to remove the entire engine to get at it. Since removing the brain and running cold water through the spinal cord is not recommended, we’re going to try resetting the firmware.

If anyone sees me wandering about with a Borg apparatus on my head intoning “MUST.. DESTROY.. MANKIND.. BEFORE.. LUNCHTIME..” please shoot me.

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