5 thoughts on “Nick, I am one upping you

  1. It has been determined that this is totally ‘poolable and that you have dibs. We respectfully submit the following freak hubs for your further consideration:
    just a weirdo:
    site for femdommes & guys who like to dress up like maids. possibly my favorite:
    Lots of bikers:
    holy hell, a NASCAR fan dating service
    Single Christian BDSM enthusiasts?
    Goths. Yawn.
    Ever-popular prisonchyx:
    Still looking for a site that would accommodate the following declaration: “I’m a transgender weredragon/fox who enjoys long walks on the beach and phone-yiffing. Seeking loving reptile with compatible genitals.”
    Aha. Nevermind:
    Ah. Now it gets ugly.
    Most of the above URL grunt work courtesy of Afterburner, destroyer of SAN.

    1. I didn’t know McKiernan was a furry
      …though now that I think about it, it doesn’t really surprise me:
      “A tall, white wolf wearing something familiar to the adornments of a ranger from deep within the elven woods. Atop his head and shoulders is a grey cloak, the hood pulled over his head and only leaving his muzzle to be seen. His black nose sniffs the air occasionally as you glance him over. The cloak reaches down to the floor, fluttering gently in the light breeze. As you notice the rest of him, you take notice of a black, tanned leather vest. You look along his arms and take notice of the black enamel covered mithril chain mail he wears underneath the vest. His paws are covered in a set of heavy gauntlets, black as the rest to help him fit in at night in the woods. Across his waist is a grey leather belt. A longsword dons his left side, the elven sheath glistening occasionally in the light. You then take notice of the elvishly crafted, composite longbow and quiver that dons his back. Apparently, an elvish air is about him. On his legs, he wears a similar chain mail breeches, black enamel on the armor to once again help him disappear into the shadows. His white, fluffy tail hangs low under the cloak, well groomed. Your gaze falls upon his riding boots, once again, tanned black leather. You have noticed that his overall form is slender but toned, much like the frame of an elf though with the grace and strength of a wolf. He stands a proud, six foot three, his weight about 145 lbs. It often makes those wonder how he is such an able ranger. He pulls back the hood of his cloak, revealing the rest of his muzzle to you. You see two grey, tear streaks, similar to a cheetah’s though you know there is no such blood in him, that run along the side of his muzzle. His eyes are a piercing sapphire blue, mystical pools with a grey mist around his pupils. His ears are erect as they poke through the mass of long, platinum white headfur.”

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