Glad that’s over with

Spent yesterday being violently sick every 2 hours. Finally graduated up to ice chips, then water, then yogurt & miso soup at 2 am. So, not the worst stomach bug ever, got it killed in a day.

Fortunately the Deity did not heed my many requests to kill me, knowing that I would be better soon.

A lot of unasked-for reflective time was not amusing. If I could be distracted from myself for the rest of my life I’d be happy man.

I am drowning in the sea behind your ship.

6 thoughts on “Glad that’s over with

  1. hurk
    ya. that stomach virus is the fucking devil. It wiped out everyone that lives here in four days, also managing to infect 2 visitors that were in the house for two hours each.
    I’m still relearning how to digest food.
    I was hoping that wasn’t the reason for your absense.

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