9 thoughts on “Why are we so fat?

    1. Actually if you plot the data with error bars, you can draw a horizontal line through it (at least for the few sets I did) until 2001, and in 2001 the question changed significantly in a way that would tend to bring the numbers down.
      I conclude that no interesting conclusions about trends can be drawn from this data.

      1. At first I thought you were right but the data about older women (at least) seems to be clearer, although the trend starts much earlier.
        My mother worked a lot in social services for the elderly. My impression is that at least in our corner of the world, people have paid a lot more attention to organizing seniors in physical activity lately.

      2. Yeah I didn’t plot any of the older data sets and just looking at them I can see that there is probably some significance in there, both in men and women. The change in question in 2001 is disappointing though — you almost have to throw out the 2001 and 2002 data because of it.

    1. Re: The old fogies will kick your ass
      Hmm. Now that I think of it more, lazy people probably stay lazy. I wonder if statisical increase in activity is simply due to the fact that the people that have been active are the last ones to croak.

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