4 thoughts on “The front page of a 14-page madman’s booklet left at my door by a neighbor

  1. It sounded like it could be a real patent until I got to “peanut butter jar softened in boiling water.” I, too, have a photo of The Pricker, but did not get the chance to actually open it up and skim through the pages. That guy is Pr0k’s neighbor, right? PLEASE, nobody point him to the spider venom store.
    Also, I think you’re breaking copyright there. You did not reproduce it in full. My army of lawyers will be contacting you shortly.

      1. Please Come To My Co-Ed Militia Mixer; BYOB and BYOGuns
        So…errrr…you’re the crazy guy, right?
        Yup. You wanna help me remove Oprah from her position of power in the Whitehouse?
        [Trying to ignore previous sentence] You wrote that newsletter with the assassin device on the front?
        Yup. I can make napalm, too.
        I’m going to go out for another 6-pack of Budwiser, you want anything while I’m out? I promise, I’ll…uhh…be back soon. Yeah, that’s it. You don’t know where I live, right?

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