To Hoag Hospital and my insurer

Fuck you.

I obtained medical care fully covered under my insurance plan. You, the insurer, made up insane reasons why you needed unavailable additional information to pay the claim. You, Hoag, dropped the ball. Now you, Hoag, have sold the $280 debt to a collection agency instead of collecting it from the insurer.

I pay my premiums and give you the card for a fucking reason. Do not trash my credit rating because some of you are dishonest and others of you are lazy.

Fuck you.

On the phone: β€œWe just bill the insurance and if it is rejected it is your responsibility.”

This after the nurse said that California law requires the insurer to pay.

16 thoughts on “To Hoag Hospital and my insurer

  1. Here is the silver lining when it comes to medical collections – they really do not “trash” your credit because of that purpose. If you were to go buy a car, the lender is not going to freak out because of a medical collection. I do not know how it affects your credit score, obviously it is not going to help, but I am not sure if or to what extent it lowers your actual score.
    Dental offices do the same thing. Its a great system.

  2. I had this sort of thing happen, too, except in my case, the insurer apparently just kept putting them off over and over, and two years later, once I dropped that (shitty) insurer, the hospital came looking for me. “Yeah, they never would pay it.” They just sat on it until I was no longer a client. Choady cockmongers, the lot of them.

  3. i had this problem too! it seems real common! i called my insurance company and made them do a three-way w/ the hospital. it was messy because it’s hard enough to get schtupped by one person you don’t like, but then two…? anyway, the upshot was i got the hospital to admit they were wrong, they dropped the whole thing, and when they tried the same thing one month later, i called the same biller and reminded her of our intimate three-way experience and she pretty much just deleted all outstanding bills i had.

  4. Don’t have a heart attack! My dad had a one – had to have 8 (yes, 8 the most you can have done) bypasses at once, to the tune of about $90,000 (including the two week stay in the hospital, yadda yadda) Insurance covered most of it, but then at the last minute decided “OH HEY were not covering this or this, it was unnecessary.” So, we got stuck with a small bill like 2 years AFTER his surgery. Needless to say, the hospital cashed the first check my mom sent of $50, and by doing so entered into an agreement that we would pay $50 a month πŸ˜‰ (They wanted a lump sum, i’m not sure how much they wanted)The moral of this story? Insurance providers fucking suck sweaty donkey balls.

      1. Clarification requested
        Do they pound you in the ass with the donkey or their massive cocks of insurance hatred or what? Enquiring mind here.

      2. Re: Clarification requested
        hmm i think they decide on it last minute, depending on which of the choices will hurt you the most ;D

      1. What are you? A wuss?
        Some genius must have read about how surgeons sometimes keep patients awake since the brain feels no pain and they can comment on any weird sensations. What this genius didn’t fully appreciate is, while the brain itself feels no pain, there is most likely a fair amount of pain accompanying the process of exposing the brain to the surgeon’s tools.

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