8 thoughts on “trinnit found this

  1. What if you were on your way back from the store where you purchased hot dogs for a bbq you were having and then all of a sudden your car got buried in an avalanche.

  2. If I was stuck on the 91 freeway, that would be awesome to do just to torture the other poor saps on the freeway on my commute home. You attach it to the dash board so everyone can see it, give people smug looks as you bust out another freshly cooked hot dog….
    …that’s what your mom said I hate you now !

  3. Now I just need a deep fryer to plug in the lighter
    I finally figured this stuff out. If I’m in a high-flying, stock-options job right now, but the company is slowly being outsourced, I’m just preparing in advance for the day I’m gonna be living in my car. While those other suckers may have – at best – a DVD player, I’m gonna have a whole freakin’ greasy spoon running out of the back window.
    (Hmmn, I wonder if there’s a toilet/bathtub add-on for my Geo Prizm?)

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